Rodolfo Valentin had passion for fashion modelling since his young days. Due to the fact, he has worked in many fashion shows in Europe for Alexander de Paris, a leading hairdresser. Alexander de Paris is recognized for sharing his piece of work with renowned public figures like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly and Wallis, The Duchess of Windsor. When he was native of Buenos Aires, he got a golden opportunity to work with the Italian Sophia Loren and Argentine celebrities.

His specialised knowledge has taken the world by storm when he was featured in a book, Forget the Facelift, directed by famous dermatologist Dr. Doris J. Day M.D.

In the early session of 2000’s, he has expanded his footprints by opening second salon in New York on Madison Avenue. Hailed by the press as a prominent New York society hairdresser, he has provided his expert hair services to actresses like Margo Catsimatidis who is a wife of CEO of Red Apple Group John Catsimatidis, a socialite and philanthropist Susan Hess. Some other renowned names who are smitten by his hair styling art are American gossip columnist Caroline Kimmel, the Princess Maria Beatriz de Saboya, daughter of last King of Italy Humberto II, wife of a famous billionaire filmmaker Sidney Kimmel, the real housewives of NYC, the countess Luann de Lesseps, Princess Lalla Soukeina of Morroco and and recently the “Next top Model” Alisar Ailabouni. In short, it can be said he has styled the hair of major national as well international celebrities of his time.

Rodolfo Valentin is regarded as a great hair stylist to reckon with. His list of achievements comprises of recipient of the Hair Coloring techniques award and a winner of the Grand design Award for his NYC salon named as “New York salon and spa”. In 2000, his undisputed knowledge in bleaching hair for wigs and hairpieces and hair coloring gained worldwide attention and he was approached by the Department of Economic Affairs of India to share and teach his unique techniques.

Since 2006 to till date, he was awarded with 5 gold stars by Citysearch and readers of New York magazine rated him 10 out of 10 for providing at exemplary hair services.

“Come with your hair you have, leave with the hair you want”, his trademarked quotation has created waves not only in New York City, but worldwide.