New York City

Rodolfo Valentin’s Salon & Spa in the New York City have created waves in the social circuits all across the US owing to their exceptional hair care and skin care treatments. The one of its kind beauty center is indubitably the most talked about destination for entrancing hair styles and soothing body massages. A flurry of awards, the renowned hair expert owes to his name including “The king of hair color”, “Hair Coloring Techniques Award”, “Grand Design Award” and more, further manifest clearly as to why you should visit his ultra modern Salon & Spa in the New York City.

The route to 696 Madison Avenue, New York City, spread between 62nd and 63rd is always busy like a bee, thanks to the most cherished New York City Salon & Spa from the house of Rodolfo Valentin. Whether fashion conscious aficionados, desirous of giving themselves a sophisticated look, or a common man trying to have more or less acceptable looks, good enough to be the center of attraction in his office, all are the regular visitors to his salon and spa.

You would be the proud recipient of a glut of hair care procedures including hair replacement, hair infusion additions, hair extensions and hair colors. Alongside, the manicure and pedicure services also add flying colors to the mesmerizing body & skin care treatments he offers at his rapturous beauty care center. With the amicable hospitality of the efficient staff being employed at his New York City Salon & Spa, you would feel yourself to be a no less than royal person.

You would be relieved from almost half of your worries with just your visit to the Rodolfo Valentin Salon and Spa at the New York City. The very first sight of his extravagant salon from within takes you to a memorable journey of the most tantalizing decor supported inexplicably by the lavish rooms dedicated exclusively to let you relish the height of comfort. Once you start availing of the wholehearted hair care and body care services by his experienced and friendly staff, that would ease out the rest of all your problems as well.

An entire floor extended in an area of 2000 Sq Ft. is exclusively dedicated to the the hair boutique that offers you complete privacy and is aimed to provide you with all sorts of men, woman and children hair replacement services. Indeed, hair loss is gradually spreading its wings far and wide, shattering the barriers of gender and age. But with the New York City salon and spa from Rodolfo Valentin, such an affliction would no more ever dare to touch you.

The sound and serene atmosphere at his one and only salon and spa would definitely make your day. Where else can you find such a relaxing, intimate and pampered environment with a soft music being continuously played in the background to set your mood. Should you wish to quench your thirst or satisfy your belly in between the treatment, all the snack services, mineral water, coffee, cappuccino, herbal teas and more are just for you at the most affordable cost. To help you feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout your treatment, you will have your own private room with internet, telephone and satellite television facilities.

Come home to the Rodolfo Valentin’s Salon and Spa in the New York City and be witness to an exclusive treatment met to your body from top to bottom. Seeing is believing and you would definitely be tempted to come to his captivating Salon and Spa repeatedly. After all, this is what the maestro hair stylist has won all the awards and accolades for.