The question to ponder upon would be who can really go ahead and get lowlights. Well, the answer from us at Rodolfo Valentin would be pretty much anyone. With a wide array of shades stretching from caramel to honey, cherry to chocolate, boysenberry to copper, we really go on to wonder who infact wouldn’t be interested. But that’s where the fun just starts, for in realtime there are so many shades of Red lowlights alone which can be done on brighter hair colours. What’s more, at our hair salon, the more adventourous types can also have their say because our professionals would be way more than happy to put more than one hair colour for them at the same time.

Bringing more beauty to your tresses through Lowlights

There can be many reasons galore as to why lowlights are not as common as highlights, however one that really stands out is the lack of expertise from a hair stylist when it comes to working with lowlights. At Rodolfo Valentin, our professionals tend to shift away from this norm and it can be said they would be more than ready to give a marvelous look to your tresses via lowlights.

Moreover, lowlights are also a better option for those who do not like the dramatic effects of highlights. It is rather meant for those who are more interested in going for a subtle appearence and achieving a marvelous look for their overall personality. However, on a flip side inspite of doing wonders for your hair colour, low lights at time can be tricky as there can be many instances where one might run into ‘funky’ looking hair colours, requiring one to take help of a corrector to get back the locks they had desired all this time. A scenario which to say the least can be best avoided by thronging one of the beauty industry’s most recognised salon, christened as Rodolfo Valentin.

Going for a heady combo of Lowlights and Highlights

Well, it can be said many hair afficinados understand hair highlights go a long way towards adding depth and texture to a great look, lowlights on the contrary can be just about as powerful sans a blatant colour change. Thinking hard about it, what if we might go ahead and say our hair stylists at Rodolf Martin would be ready to provide a heady combo of both highlights and lowlights.

Yes, it might sound to be to good to be true, but this is where our tri-color service just tends to give us a leverage. Regarded amongst the best of the hair colour services, it will give the most natural effect to your hair color. And when done right, the same would highlight the top a little more heavily then lowlights.

In the same vogue, adding lowlights underneath for sure will give your hair more dimension. A service which our stylists at Rodolfo Valentin can carry out with a high degree of competence. Going on to give you a unique hairstyle that would instantly make heads turn and make you a centre of attraction.

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