hair extensionsWay back since 1984, Rodolfo Valentin has been persistent in offering the world’s best hair extensions salons NYC at your service. Hair problems are among the most common ones to leave the people with sleepless nights and the solutions they adopt are also not that much encouraging, making their already troublesome hair even more pathetic. Determined to relief the affected ones from such a misery, the award winning hair expert has always been keen to devise new techniques that could ensure hair longevity, yet keeping the unmistakable appeal of the natural hair intact.

Hair extensions need extreme care so as to retain the originality of your own hair and thus it is important to visit a hair stylist who has mastered the art of hair extension to perfection. With the capable assistance of consummate hair extension NYC at Rodolfo Valentin hair salon, you are sure to get the most appealing and attractive looks. You can opt from among a flurry of services in this form of hair care from the reputed hair salon, some of those including Blonde hair extensions, Platinum hair extensions, Brown hair extensions, Black hair extensions, Highlights hair extensions, Afro American hair extensions and more. For all these procedures, only 100% human hair are being used especially imported from Europe and Russia.

Of all the hair extension methods being introduced by the exceptional efforts of maestro hair expert Rodolfo Valentin, “Hair Infusion” An addition technique that has proved to be the most successful one and has helped innumerable clients to have longer, fuller and healthier hair ever. Developed by the great hair expert himself in 2006, this method involves the bonding of human hair to the client’s natural hair and requires only about 45 minutes to complete. After the entire hair infusion procedure reaches its completion, you are left with long, voluminous and colorful hair without affecting your natural hair unaffected. Hairs grown through hair infusion method hold the tendency to last up to as long as 8 weeks and gain length along with the natural hair.

Visiting a Rodolfo Valentin Hair Extension NYC Salon could help you chose a style of your own to undergo such a privileged technique that is a favorite among the thick and thin of New York, whether the hot favorite celebrities or the common citizens. Hence, if the hair loss problem is giving you nightmares, this is the time to switch over to Rodolfo Valentin hair salon and avail of his fascinating hair extensions NYC & hair infusion services with more flatter, lighter and safer hair as the probable end result.

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