Hair Infusions Extensions

Few decades back, no one has even heard of hair extension. It was Rodolfo Valentin who has introduced method of hair extension during 1980’s in the beauty industry. Being recognized as trailblazer in hair extension technique, he has initially started the hair extension services in 1984 in his Long Island salon. However, with the growing demand, he has expanded salon with new version and name, Fusion Hair Extensions. His technique is internationally acclaimed as safest hair extension technique, not causing any harm to natural hair.

Hair extension is one of the methods of adding volume and length to hair without degrading or harming hair quality. Since then, various kinds of hair extension techniques are introduced, but by far hair infusion technique introduced by Rodolfo Valentin is the best.

Reasons for introducing the technique

Rodolfo Valentin was not satisfied with various hair extension systems followed by various salons in the worldwide. Reason being, they are adding volume to hair, but causing great damage to hair quality. This made him to develop his own technique. In 2006, he has introduced and patented “Hair Infusion” hair extension technique.

Do not think that if you have opted for fusion hair extensions, you cannot go for hair coloring, highlights or lowlights. Once hair infusion is done, different color gets easily blended with natural and long hair.

Process of Hair Infusion

In fusion hair extension or hair infusion, natural human hairs are injected at a thin piece of scalp sheet made of synthetic. Very fine pieces of customer’s own hair is sandwiched between two synthetic scalp sheets. The sheet is so thin that even after touching, people can barely notice it.

The innovatory and unique hair infusion addition technique lasts longer and it is undetectable. As hair grows, hair infusion will also grow. A point necessary to notice is that when additional hair started appearing one inch apart from scalp, it indicates that time for removing, servicing and re-attaching of hair has arrived.

Benefits of Hair Extension over other extension techniques

  1. Hair is attached by making use of natural protein rich compounds not by glue or any chemical, making it the most natural and safest way of adding more hair. This provides greater length to hair as compared to other hair extension methods.
  2. The infusions are lighter in weight than other hair extension, thus it does not damage original hair by putting more excessive weight over it.
  3. Original hair quality needs not to be compromised.
  4. The resulting hair looks much more natural and can be given various hairstyles as it is easier to manage.
  5. The technique requires minimum maintenance.
  6. It is economical method as it is reusable and recyclable.
  7. Unlike other methods, the process gets completed with 45 minutes.

One can opt for hair infusion addition of various lengths, depending upon their tastes and preferences. Finest quality of hair of various lengths are sourced from Russia and Europe.

One need to take adequate care of hair extensions for keeping their luscious beauty for ever. Rodolfo Valentin always aims at offering comprehensive solutions and same stands strong here also. For preserving the life of look alike natural hair, hair care products of hair extensions like “Hair Infusion Care Line” and “Hair Infusion Brush” are offered at his salon. Besides availing these products, one can reap long lasting benefits of hair extension by following necessary guidelines.

Follow the tips to take care of hair extension

  • Wash hair under shower.
  • Untangle hair by brushing it gently.
  • Apply shampoo in diluted form (mix with water) in wet hair.
  • Following infusion lines, massage scalp in horizontal movements gently
  • Remember, to wash the scalp, not hair
  • Make use of shampoo, second time, if required
  • For applying hair conditioner, mix 1 tbsp of condition in one cup of water. Allow it to stay at scalp for a few minutes before rinsing it off.
  • Remember to wash your hair carefully. Special attention is required with respect to lower part of head.
  • Before brushing and styling hair, dry it with a towel.

CAUTION- Never opt for hot water, never use hot dryer. Only warm water should be used for washing hair.

Often, price acts as one of those factors which compel people not to adopt the technique. However, the fact is other way round. Rodolfo never feels hitch in offering affordable solutions. He aspires for making his customer happy, thus offer customized solutions at competitive rates.

So, obtaining voluminous and graceful hair has no more remained a distant dream. Opt for Rodolfo Valentin Hair Infusion Extension for having top quality human hair within time span of 45 minutes. Interested customers can explore which hair fusion will look best on them when mingled with various lengths of hair color by participating in complimentary consultation.

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