Red Hair Extension

Hair extension is in vogue these days. Throughout the globe, people in a growing number are opting for hair infusion additions. Hair extension is a process which helps in making hair thicker, longer and add volume to them. Though, various extension techniques are offered at various salons, hair infusion addition offered by Rodolfo Valentin has categorized as the most natural and safest method of adding hair.

Hair specialists like Rodolfo Valentin add small pieces of thin hair by using natural protein. Since no glue or chemical is used, no harm or addition weight is put on natural hair.

Hair extension can only show quality results if it is done by hair experts. An no other than creator of the technique, Rodolfo Valentin, can give the best results.

Hair Infusion and Color

The most common query of every customer is that whether hair coloring is possible on hair extension or not. And answer is “YES”. Even after having hair infusion, customers can select their favorite hair colors varying from red, brown, blonde to brunette.

Rodolfo believes there are some colors which give spectacular look when used in combination with light and dark shades. And red color is one of them. It is one of the most sought after hair colors that give luscious looks to hair when used with highlights and lowlights in hair extension. Some of the shades that can be opted in red along with hair extensions are enlisted below:

  • Natural red hair infusion additions
  • Dark red hair extension
  • Deep red hair extension
  • Bright red hair extension
  • Clip in red hair extension
  • Rich auburn hair extension
  • Cooper red hair extension
  • Light strawberry hair extension
  • Golden red fusion hair extension

Remain assured, both the process of hair extension and hair color is performed by making use of quality products. Rodolfo always aims at offering such hair services that maintain hair quality, be it hair extension or hair coloring.

In hair extensions process, quality thin hair is sourced from Europe and Russia. Moreover, they are reusable and do not put pressure on existing hair. Besides this, in the process of extension, hair experts of Rodolfo ensure that existing hair quality should not get damaged or deteriorated by using additional hair. Similarly, in the process of hair coloring, quality branded hair colors are used that show good results.

Unparalleled Hair Services Offered

At Rodolfo Valentin famous New York salon, myriad ranges of hair personalized services are offered. Customers are allowed to choose their favorite red color from his pallet of colors. However, if they are in dilemma which shade of red would look more beautiful on them, they are most welcome to take expert hair advice from Rodolfo. After looking to your hair texture, skin tone and many other factors he will tell you which color of red would look most beautiful on customers.

So, come and experience complete range of hair services ranging from his trademarked hair infusion addition to hair coloring in his time-tested New York salon.

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