Alopecia areata and androgenic alopecia are some of the common forms of female and male pattern hair loss, affecting the scalp. In the condition, hair usually loss more from one side of the head. And sometimes the condition also lead to complete baldness. Alopecia areata, in some cases, also form bald spots. Alopecia is caused due to hosts of factors.

Possible causes of Alopecia

Factors such as stress, hereditary, inadequate diet, medical conditions like thyroid disorders, hormonal changes in females during menopause, etc. contribute in causing the condition. Some other medical conditions like trichotillomania, etc. also cause the condition. Sometimes, alopecia is considered as outcome of excessive pulling of hair due to hairstyles like braids, tight ponytails, etc.

Alopecia is not such a big problem that cannot be treated easily. However, problem arises when people do not take treatment at the right time. Thus, it is crucial to take right treatment at the right time.

Normally, people use hair chemicals like perms, relaxers, etc. for treating alopecia. But, why to use chemicals, when the condition can be treated easily by non-chemical ways, introduced of Rodolfo Valentin.

Unique ways for treating Alopecia

Rodolfo Valentin, holder of some of the most prestigious title in hair replacement industry, believes in offering healthier hair solutions rather than chemical solutions. He provides customized hair piece or front lace hairpiece or partial lace front wig that gets attached with crown of the head and in rest of the cranium, hair infusion extension is used. He assures you by using his hairpieces, the resulting hair style would definitely give you glamorous look.

We boast to announce that very few hair replacement specialist in Long Island and New York knows the art of managing so much hair products at a time and Rodolfo Valentin is one of them. Over 35 years of experience in hair replacement industry has made him set apart hair specialist in the world. His vast knowledge and endeavour to offer every hair solution by making least possible hair damage makes him top rated hair specialist not only in New York, but in the entire world.

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