Hair Removal

Hair removal treatment is taken by women who prefer to have smooth and soft skin, which is free from unwanted hair on the body. This treatment requires safe and experienced hand of beauty experts who hold expertise in safely carrying out hair removal process. The products or process adopted for hair removal should meet the strictest standards and should have a negligible risks. Fulfilling all these requirements of clients, Rodolfo Valentin spas and beauty center, carry out hair removal with ease and perfection. The hair removal products used at Rodolfo Valentin spas are natural and establish a less likely cause of skin irritation or allergies. Different hair removal techniques are used at Rodolfo Valentin spas, which vary according to the area of the body from where the hair has to be removed. Waxing is considered as the best hair removing techniques for removing hair from women legs and underarms. Tweezing is considered ideal to remove hair from around the eyes. Threading is preferred for removing extra hair from the eyebrows and for providing a perfect shape to eyebrows. However, one choose hair removal techniques based on factors like cost, time, skin type, and the area for which hair removal has to be carried out.

Common hair removal techniques adopted by beauty experts of Rodolfo Valentin spas include:


Waxing is often considered as a painful experience causing discomfort and pain but with spa like Rodolfo Valentin, one can definitely think of waxing and that too without tears and pain. At Rodolfo Valentin spa good quality waxes are used, which contains fine anti-irritants. Waxing is quite effective as it removes hair from larger area at one time. In the waxing process the wax is warmed so that it easily spread over the skin. Wax is spread in the direction of hair growth and the hair got embedded in the wax, which after cooling firms up. Wax is quickly pulled off in the opposite directions that also pulls the hair from the follicles. After completing the waxing process the service is followed by a body shower and then by soothing, cooling and moisturizing. Brazilian Bikini is a famous waxing techniques used at Rodolfo Valentin spa, which is preferred by women to prepare their body for wearing bikini.


Many times people also look for temporary hair removal method and in such condition one can opt for tweezing, which temporarily removes hair and over the time the hair grows back. People looking for some great spa to undergo this process can without a doubt visit Rodolfo Valentin spa to get rid of unwanted hair through this process. Tweezing does not involves any chemicals or creams, waxes etc. and can be performed with instrument like pair of tweezers or forceps. This hair removal process can only be used for temporarily removal of individual hairs and cannot be used to remove hairs from the larger areas.


Threading is the oldest and safest method of body hair removal, as it removes hair without using any chemicals or creams. Only cotton thread is used in the threading process, which involves rolling and twisting of cotton thread over untidy hairlines and plucking out the excess hair. To get it done with an expert hand, people can visit Rodolfo Valentin spa and beauty center to get it done perfectly. Threading is safe and healthy for the skin and does not results in ingrown hair. An inexpensive method, threading is also effective, fast and less painful. Mostly adopted to remove hair from eyebrows and face its effect lasts from two to four weeks.


People who are not comfortable with waxing can opt for bleaching, which is mostly carried out on face, arms, and lips. It is quite important that bleaching is carried out in a renowned spa like Rodolfo Valentin. Bleaching is usually preferred for area that have thin but noticeable hair in areas like face, arms, or neck. Bleaching is performed by applying bleaching cream in the desired area that removes the pigment from the hair.

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