Month: December 2023

MGS: An All-Girls School Offering High-Quality Education Near Holland Drive Residences for Over a Century Now

MGS is renowned for its academically rigorous programs, alongside a wide array of extracurricular activities. The school is committed to fostering every individual’s creativity and talents. As such, its co-curricular activities are varied, ranging from sports, media, and leadership. Its students also have the opportunity to participate in international exchanges.

The success of MGS is also due to the dedicated staff who guide and support its students. Continuing to uphold its treasured tradition of excellence, the school will continue to inspire many generations of young minds to come. Holland Drive Residences is lucky to have such a prestigious institution in its neighborhood.

Located a short distance away from Holland Drive Residences, MGS is an all-girls school offering both primary and secondary levels of education, founded on Christian principles. For over a century now, the school has served the Holland Drive area, providing high-quality education and instilling values, leadership, and service …

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