Jadescape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station Near to Schools

Jadescape formerly known as Shunfu Ville is a real estate situated in Bishan Thompson area in District 20, Singapore. This real estate was formerly owned by the government of Singapore under the Housing and Urban Development Company, but later the estate was put to tender which saw a private condominium known as Qingjium Realty winning the bid. Currently the estate is managed by this private investor.

Jadescape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station

This Jadescape estate was designed and developed by Qingjian Realty Marymount Pte company which owe the most popular architectural potential in the country. Regardless of how long the Jadescape estate has lived, it still ranked the third largest enbloc in Singapore that houses more than one thousand units.

Why reside in Jadescape real estate? Jadescape estate is located in the most wealthiest and busy city. Its near to the Junction 8 shopping centre that is just next to Bishan MTR interchange. The shopping mall in Junction eight is an iconic heartland of the Singapore that gives residents of Jadescape Marymount estate a wide variety of retail and entertainment outlets. This makes people of Bishan Thompson wish to reside in this estate so as to enjoy the goodness of this popular junction.

Jadescape Condo Near to Schools

Another reason why Jadescape real estate is gaining tremendously in Bishan is the existence of the best education institutions. As a matter of fact Bishan has been named the best educated district with the most prestigious Raffles Institution. Raffle institution is one of the most prestigious school in Singapore. This institutions is just located a walking distance from Jadescape enbloc. Because the school offers direct programme to GCE “A” levels, many scholars from across the country join the institution in order to get education. As a result of this, the students prefer residing near the institution hence Jadescape estate becomes an ideal place to live.

Jadescape Facilities and Location Near to Shunfu Market and Food Centre

Jadescape estate represent a modern facilities and services to its tenants. The Qingjian Realty developers adapted a peaceful, serene panorama and a surroundings that are noise free. For example the estate has a fifty metres skyline pool where residents refresh themselves.

Jadescape estate offers an investment zone. The estate is strategically positioned at a place convenient for investors. Investors prefer this estate because of the Marymount MRT Station for loading and offloading of their trading goods. Also Jadescape is located next to Shunfu Market Food Centre where residents of this estate can find different delicacies available at the food centre. In this centre, there many stalls to find your favorite meal.

Truly its ideal for one to choose Jadescape real estates, when finding a residing place in Bishan because it gives much needed solutions to modern day dilemma.

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