Parc Clematis Clementi Condo

Parc Clematis residents are among the lucky people living in Singapore. The development is at the center of countless amenities which have played a big role in transforming the livelihood of the residents.

Some of the amenities located next to Parc Clematis are:

There are a wide number of shopping centers located in Clementi town and its environs. Thus, there is a convenience in shopping among the residents of Parc clematis. Availability of shops around the development has helped the owners to shop their needs any time they feel hassle free.The complex shopping malls located in the proximity of Parc Clematis homes various tenants like supermarkets, cold storages, restaurants, fashion centers, groceries among others. Some of the most popular complex shopping arcades include Clement Mall, Grantral Mall, 321 Clementi and many more.

Parc Clematis Clementi Condo

Living in Parc Clematis Clementi means you are located just a few meters away from West Coast Park. The park has plenty of outdoor activities where residents can spend much quality moment sharing ideas and making fun with their loved ones. The transportation options in Clementi town are many. The residence can be accessed via various options such as Clementi MRT Station, buses plying on Clementi Avenue six (6) and Common wealth Avenue West as well as Ayer Raja Expressway(AYE).

If you are not among the people owning unit(s) at Parc Clematis then you should think again. The area is ideal for investing in. get a unit there and you will thank me later. One North Business Park was planned and developed by JTC a famous and highly reputed Government – owned real estate company. It’s world-class research as well as business park offering a vibrant platform for top-notch research, innovation & test bedding. It’s Singapore’s icon of knowledge. The park is wonderful and has been developed with the latest technology.

Parc Clematis Located Near to One North Business Park

The park which has been developed in an expansive land estimated to be 200-hectare, it’s home to key economic growth sectors across Singapore among them being biomedical sciences, startups, Information Communication Technology, and have got full support by engineering and science capabilities. It’s a backbone to various sectors playing a vital role in boosting economic growth. The park offers a unique environment to work, live, play and learn. One North Business Park has fully enhanced integration of industrial developments, residential communities, and varying lifestyle options. Also, it’s home to highly rated education centers which offers a vibrant, amazing and satisfying environment for innovative individuals to come together, collaborate as well as create life-changing solutions.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group

One North Business Park has brought together a diversity of ecosystem of knowledge – intensive in a vibrant, beautiful, and amazing environment where everyone can’t resist staying. JTC is committed to enhancing more collaborations as well as partnerships across and within the industry clusters to make the park a better place for innovators, researchers among other professionals not only in Singapore but around the world.

To ensure they have smartly achieved this, industry of the same clusters, their activities are co – located together to enhance convenience and efficiency in services delivery. At the same time, public spaces are highly integrated into the modern and estate’s urban design which make them a lovely and nice place to be. All the public spaces available at One North Business Park are not lying there idle. JTC has always ensured have curated awesome and comprehensive suites of community building initiatives among them organizing regular social events such as wonderful monthly Fantastic Friday at one north, Bi monthly lunch and learn hosted at one north, weekly healthy workplace ecosystem activities as well as large scale annual events.

Some of the annual mega events include one north run, one north festival, as well as Car free Sunday Singapore at one north. These events are vital and play a trans formative role in the lives of the Singapore people. In short words, one north business park is an amazing and nice place to work live and enjoy wonderful events which take place there. It’s center for innovation, research among others.

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