Nature Inspired Theme at Twin Vew Condo West Coast Vale

Twin Vew is simply a leasehold development that is 99 years old and is situated close to the Jurong Lake District. A total of nine bidders were competing for this development which was at last won by the Construction Development from China after biding with 292 US dollars. The development’s strategic location & the total number of bids too clearly indicate the development’s optimism. This is due to its closeness to the Jurong District and other areas of Singapore too. Twin Vew West Coast Vale is situated in a lone residential area in the District 05 & it is simply a few minutes from Jurong East.

The nature-inspired theme at the Twin Vew Condo

Twin Vew condo has a theme which is nature-inspired which helps in bringing out a quiet & serene feeling in the private residential area at the West Coast Vale. There are several water & greenery features which are situated in this development in order to bring out a cool sense of quietness & serenity for the residents in this development. A lot of greenery features are incorporated for a full landscaping of this project. A completely wonderful & unique lifestyle is awaiting you at the Twin Vew Nature Inspired Theme. The floor plans in this development have been designed for the various family sizes and various investor appetites as well.

Shopping areas situated close to the Twin Vew Condo

The Westgate Shopping center

This is an iconic shopping area situated close to the MRT station in Jurong East. This is a unique shopping center due to the fact that it has an unparalleled convenience for those shoppers who take public transport. The shopping center is connected directly to the Bus Interchange as well as the MRT station in the Jurong East.

This mall is essentially family oriented since there exists several playing grounds situated at Level four of the mall where is not charged anything to enter. There is similarly a kids club that is managed by the Genius R which is the ideal area for kids to come together and enjoy. Twin Vew West Coast Vale Condo is located near to many shopping centres.

JCube shopping center

This is a popular shopping center especially for the youth near to Twin Vew China Construction. The mall incorporates an Olympic sized ice rink since it is among the pioneer shopping mall having an IMAX theater in the area. The mall’s developer is known as Capitaland. The mall similarly features a J.Avenue that is a retail idea targeting the youths. This is situated at the mall’s second floor.

Since the mall is situated just away from the MRT Station in the Jurong East a bridge is available that links the Westgate to the IMM. The mall has several children-friendly facilities such as the nursing rooms. JCube remains a trendy shopping mall that is situated at Jurong’s heart.

Why the Twin Vew Condo is the best

This is a question that always lingers an investor’s mind. Adding to the obvious reasons, below are some reasons which make the Twin Vew Condo worth investing in and ending up gaining lots of profits:

• The development is close to clubs & community centers
• One can get the transportation services with much less effort
• The development is close to several shopping centers
• The development is located in a lone residential area
• The development is close to several learning institutions
• The development incorporates classic health facilities for the residents