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Differences in Investing in a Executive Condo or a HDB Unit

If you are looking to purchase a property in Singapore, you must know the differences between investing in an HDB unit or an Executive Condo. The two types of condos have their own unique benefits and advantages. For one, ECs are cheaper than HDB units, and they are built by private developers. In addition, they do not come with the same restrictions and regulations that apply to HDB flats.

While HDB units are government-owned, ECs are privately constructed. This makes ECs different from HDB units in many ways. The first difference is the financing options. While HDB units come with strict rules and regulations, an EC’s financing options are much more flexible. For instance, most banks will cover 80% of the unit’s valuation. ECs can be purchased for much less than HDB units, but they must be occupied for at least five years before they become fully private.

ECs …

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