Month: January 2020

Making Your Home More Sustainable

As the world becomes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, sustainable features in houses are becoming a priority. Making your home more sustainable not only increases its value but saves you money in the long term. Reducing energy bills is usually the driving factor behind changes for sustainability and there are a number of things you can do to get your house ready.

When looking to purchase or update a home, these top sustainability tips are important to remember.

  • Size: When adding on or starting over, go small. Smaller is always better so long as you don’t sacrifice usefulness. Smaller rooms and smaller living areas require less maintenance.
  • Embodied energy: This is defined as the total energy consumed by all processes linked to the building in question. With housing, this means knowing what the architects and builders intend to do to keep embodied energy low. Using locally sourced materials is one way
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Where Seniors Really Want to Live

Some senior centers may look inviting with their pools, amenities, coffee bars, and dancing classes, but the majority of seniors want to live at home. 76% of Americans over the age of 50 prefer to live at home during their golden years, and do not want to live in a senior facility.

When seniors do end up moving it is usually not by choice. High real estate taxes, ongoing maintenance costs, and ,living in a neighborhood where they have to depend on a car forces them to move away from home. The real estate market has taken this strong desire to age at home serious and it is now a trend to help seniors update or purchase homes to suit their needs.

The assistance of architects and health care workers who are educated in accessible designs for seniors is also widely available for these projects. Many programs are developed today …

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Why Expensive Renovations May Not Boost your Sale

Home improvement can boost the value of your home, but it does not always have to be the big expensive projects that bring the most value. It is the more modest improvements that attract the most attention in the real estate market and give your home a bigger value boost. In fact, kitchen and bathroom upgrades are one of the most desired Lumina Grand EC features buyers look for today and the remodeling costs for these are not very high.

In today’s market the top selling properties are fixer-uppers and completely renovated homes. It is important to watch your local market to evaluate what is hot so you can best decide what to do with your home. If the market is flooded with investors who are looking to renovate and flip homes, then upgrades are not necessary to make your home attractive. You can add value to your home by …

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The Ultimate Interior Accents

What is interior design? This is simply the art of designing the interior decoration of a room or even a whole building. What does interior design include? Usually, it involves stringent guidelines. If you know more about interior design, you can agree with me that the perceptions of interior design can be quite confusing without the common frame of reference. There will be numerous challenges if a client cannon articulate his or her vision.

We have analyzed the most popular interior accents from different parts of the world. Here are our choices.

This elegant style has been underestimated for very many years. There is no doubt that it is one of the most eye-catching interior designs you will ever come across. Normally, this design has been formed from die-cut of varying sizes. The best way to fix this design is to separate the function without obstructing the flow of light.…

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Using Grey In Your Interior Design

Grey is not only the newest color, but also the hottest color in interior design. You might be aware that recently it has taken the front and center. It has overtaken its cousins that mainly comprises of taupe and ivory. Do you know that grey is the perfect dress that you can use for your home? If you really want your home to be timeless and classic, then this is a must-have color in your home.

There is no doubt that grey is a perfect chameleon. It has proved to suit any room, mood or even setting. The good thing about the grey color is that you can stand either in front of it or behind it. You will have a chance to let it shine. What does grey symbolize? Normally, it represents peace and balance. People prefer this beautiful color simply because it is calm and safe. Practically, it …

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