Roxy Pacific Holdings Residential and Commercial Developments

Roxy-Pacific Holdings-Limited is a group that specializes in property and hospitality which is focused in the Asia-Pacific. The group mostly works in development as well as the trade of properties like Real Estate. The group has already been in the business for quite a while now and they have made their name ever since 1967 and even listed on the S.G.X Mainboard on the 12th of March 2008.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Real Estate Company

This group currently operates business in three different fields namely in hotel ownership, where they manage and own hotels and similar establishments. They also operate in property investment wherein the company invests in properties which can earn them space for rentals and for value appreciation as time passes. Another sector where they operate in is in property development where they purchase properties and develop them for Real Estate such as small apartments to condominiums. In the nature of their work, they uphold the values of Integrity, to be Innovative and Creative, Teamwork, Financial Prudence, and Harmony, being people-oriented and focusing on the communities. Roxy Pacific Holdings is Singapore’s tier one property developer.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Freehold Condo

The group has in its name over 52 small shops at The Roxy-Square Shopping Centre based in Singapore. They also own a 28-story freehold commercial building at 59 Goulburn St, Sydney, Australia, and a 50% interest in a 14-story, freehold, commercial-building that’s strategically located in the central business district (CBD) area. The group also owns the NZI Centre in Auckland together with an office building at 50% interest at 205 Queen St, marking their maiden-foray in New Zealand.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Residential and Commercial Developments

Within a span of 13 years, the group has developed over 44 small-to- medium sized establishments intended for residential and commercial use all over Malaysia, Australia and Singapore. A major asset of the group would be the flagship hotel Grand-Mercure Singapore Roxy located at the heart of Katong by the East Coast, self-managed under the franchise agreed upon with the Accor Group. The group has also opened an upscale boutique-hotel under Noku-Roxy brand name. This is based in Kyoto – Japan, followed after by Osaka, Japan. They have also acquired another resort in Maldives and purchased parcels of land to develop into hotels in Phuket, Thailand.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As a huge company that specializes in development among communities and upholds strong people-oriented values, the group’s CSR has also gone through great lengths in giving back to the people. So far, the group has conducted outreach programs to the children. They also reach out to the elderly by hosting Dinner banquets for Chinese New Year and showing appreciation to them by organizing shopping trips in the Season of Hari Raya. They have also supported local events like Ground-Zero Run for Humanity on the 13th of August, 2017 which was organised by Mercy Relief wherein they upheld strong values and tackled issues that are observed in celebration of the World Humanitarian-Day.

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