Low Keng Huat Real Estate Developer Perumal Road

Low Keng Huat Limited is a publically trading company that specializes in investment holdings through construction and engineering ventures. The company is based in Singapore and is listed on Singapore stock exchange. Low Keng Huat Limited’s exploits are pursued trough four main departments: constructions, property development, hotels and investment.. The company has been successful over the years and has acquired property all over the globe. Property owned or managed by the Low Keng Huat limited company includes: Perth (Australia)-based deluxe hotels, Duxton Hotel based in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Carnivore chain of restaurants in Singapore and more. Low Keng Huat is the developer for the real estate project in Perumal Road near to Farrer Park MRT Station.

Low Keng Huat Real Estate Developer Perumal Road

The company has a lucrative investment portfolio that includes properties scattered throughout Asia including; china, Malaysia, china and Vietnam. Subsidiaries of the Low Keng Huat limited company include Kwan Hwee Investment limited (Pte.), Duxton hotel limited (Pte.) and Prodev limited (Pte.) Low Keng Huat limited was founded and is now managed by Tan Sri Dato’ Low keng Huat; now aged 83. Despite having his education interrupted by the Second World War, Tan Sri Dato’s Low was able to achieve success. Tan Sri Dato’ Lows is the founder of both General Corporation Berhad and Low keng Huat limited companies. Tan Sri Dato’ has since succeeded in turning his companies to now public-listed entities:

Low Keng Huat Listed Malaysia

General Corporation Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia stock exchange and Low Keng Huat limited which is listed on the Singapore stock exchange. Tan Sri Dato’ Low is the current chairman of Low keng Huat limited and also the Executive Deputy Chairman of the General Corporation of Berhad. Tan sri Dato founded this construction business with the help of his brothers; hence the name Low Keng Huat Construction in the year 1957. The company started from humble beginning to become the giant we know today: taking projects like renovations, building extension, building alterations and minor projects to building and owning some of the hottest properties in Asia.

Revenue Reported by Low Keng Huat in 2018

A revenue worth $75.354M was reported for the first quarter ending April, 30th 2018. This is an exponential increases as compared to last year’s figures which was $16.949M. The company has earned a handsome profit of $6.542M. It was declared that there was a reduction in operation costs from $169.503M (last year) to $7.249M (this year). Money used in the acquisition of property and equipment was $3. 657M this year compared to last year’s 167.503M. Share value was stagnant at ninety cents.

Major project in recent times

1. Acquisition of the Cairhil mansion; Low Keng Huat announced this acquisition on 14th February, 2018 at the value of $362M

2. The award of land at Perumal Road: the awarding was by the Urban Redevelopment Authority on 18th January 2017 for residential houses