Jadescape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station Near to Schools

Jadescape formerly known as Shunfu Ville is a real estate situated in Bishan Thompson area in District 20, Singapore. This real estate was formerly owned by the government of Singapore under the Housing and Urban Development Company, but later the estate was put to tender which saw a private condominium known as Qingjium Realty winning the bid. Currently the estate is managed by this private investor.

Jadescape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station

This Jadescape estate was designed and developed by Qingjian Realty Marymount Pte company which owe the most popular architectural potential in the country. Regardless of how long the Jadescape estate has lived, it still ranked the third largest enbloc in Singapore that houses more than one thousand units.

Why reside in Jadescape real estate? Jadescape estate is located in the most wealthiest and busy city. Its near to the Junction 8 shopping centre that is just next to Bishan MTR interchange. The shopping mall in Junction eight is an iconic heartland of the Singapore that gives residents of Jadescape Marymount estate a wide variety of retail and entertainment outlets. This makes people of Bishan Thompson wish to reside in this estate so as to enjoy the goodness of this popular junction.

Jadescape Condo Near to Schools

Another reason why Jadescape real estate is gaining tremendously in Bishan is the existence of the best education institutions. As a matter of fact Bishan has been named the best educated district with the most prestigious Raffles Institution. Raffle institution is one of the most prestigious school in Singapore. This institutions is just located a walking distance from Jadescape enbloc. Because the school offers direct programme to GCE “A” levels, many scholars from across the country join the institution in order to get education. As a result of this, the students prefer residing near the institution hence Jadescape estate becomes an ideal place to live.

Jadescape Facilities and Location Near to Shunfu Market and Food Centre

Jadescape estate represent a modern facilities and services to its tenants. The Qingjian Realty developers adapted a peaceful, serene panorama and a surroundings that are noise free. For example the estate has a fifty metres skyline pool where residents refresh themselves.

Jadescape estate offers an investment zone. The estate is strategically positioned at a place convenient for investors. Investors prefer this estate because of the Marymount MRT Station for loading and offloading of their trading goods. Also Jadescape is located next to Shunfu Market Food Centre where residents of this estate can find different delicacies available at the food centre. In this centre, there many stalls to find your favorite meal.

Truly its ideal for one to choose Jadescape real estates, when finding a residing place in Bishan because it gives much needed solutions to modern day dilemma.

Amenities and Facilities Near to Muse at Newton

When buying a house, we always have in mind something that will serve all our needs. We go in search of something that hosts everything. We want to have a swimming pool for those hot afternoons, a gym, we want to be surrounded by a school, malls, banks etc. But truth is; we don’t always find what we want, unless we’re talking of a state-of-the-art development like the Muse @ Newton. The Muse @ Newton is a city in a city. It is located at 29 Newton Rd, near Newton M.R.T station.

Amenities And Facilities of Muse at Newton Condo

The Muse @ Newton Condo has a guard house, function room and an indoor gym, as well as a tennis court, clubhouse and swimming pool. More facilities you will enjoy here include a BBQ pit, the sun deck, and a children playground. The condo is suited for everyone; from a single person who wants to live alone, roommates and families. Considering it is located away from the city, it provides a serene and wonderful environment.

For travels out of our small city to the bigger city, there are buses available at the Newton road. For date night and other night events, there are many beautiful restaurants. Novena Square Medical-Centre is also available for provision of medical services. There are also nice eating spots at the Newton & Food Centre.

During your free time, you can visit the mall and have a wonderful shopping experience. It is huge and favors people of all ages. The mall is installed with carpeted playgrounds, study room and book exchange, nursing rooms and F &B outlets like deliverance.

The main shopping mall is located in the Novena Area near the Muse @ Newton. This is basically a lifestyle and sports mall.

Other Facilities Nearby for Muse @ Newton Freehold Development

Orchard Road- The Orchard Road is a 2.2 km road located near this development. It is also one of the entertainment hubs, with a range of malls, department store, plazas, boutiques luxury hotels, casual hubs, exotic restaurants, etc. It harbors Singapore’s fashion and design enthusiasts, and is full of iconic shopping centers and plazas.
For art lovers, this area presents the best art galleries. Its name originated from the fact that it lead in fruit orchards in the 19th century. It is from then that it all started with small coffee places being set up. The Orchard Road keeps developing because of its special development authority. This convenience area is only a 5 minute drive from the Muse @ Newton.

Schools And Hospitals Near to Muse @ Newton Condo

A couple of schools lie around the Muse @ Newton and their performance is good. Some of these schools are like Angola-Chinese School, the Saint Joseph Institution-Junior as well as the Singapore Chinese Girls-School.

And has already been mentioned, we have the Novena Square Medical-Centre that boasts qualified and licensed doctors to provide the necessary medical services.

About Amara Holdings

Amara Holdings owns a couple of residential and commercial facilities in Singapore. It mainly deals with the development of hotels and restaurants helping them offer exceptional and personalized services. And it is this wealth of experience that they have sought to translate to the Muse @ Newton