Relationships with Your Contractor

Building long lasting relationships with contractors is certainly people that have to achieve the achievement of real estate projects. Whether they are architects or managers within real estate firms there are sound reasons for developing long lasting and useful relationships with contractors. Strong relatiomships should assist in the success of more projects.

A really good method of building up a long term relationship between contractors, real estate developers and architects is to have trust between the parties. Trust can take a time to build, and can be destroyed quickly and often unintentionally.  The best way to create and then to maintain trust is for all parties to be open with each other and not to keep secrets. Contractors have to be honest about how well they can complete their work, whether they will finish in time and  within financial frameworks. Bring bpen allows all parties have abetter understanding of their respective abilities. The latest development by City Developments Limited will be Penrose Sims Drive next to Aljunied MRT Station. Penrose is launching after Sims Urban Oasis.

Another important factor in building a long lasting relationship with contractors is to establish good communications with them, and to keep on communicating. It is best to tell contractors what is required from them and vice versa. Communicating about any issues and potential problems is certainly useful in making sure that projects are completed in time, and any delays are kept to a bare minimum. Staying in touch with contractors means that any problems are known about sooner and therefore can be resolved sooner. Sometimes different contractors are needed for different projects, so it is worth informing them if their specific services are not needed, and assuring them will used for the next suitable project.

Establishing realistic expectations of all the contractors regularly used on projects assists in building long term relationships with them. In other words architects and developers should only requests tasks they know are realistic and achievable, Likewise, contractors should only state the work they are capable of performing. It is better to stick with what is achievable than it is to demand, or to promise things that cannot possibly be done. Realistic expectations assists in developing trust between all the parties involved in making building projects a success.

When it comes to building projects it often pays to put a bit of extra time in the timescale, or have some left in the over all bydget. This provides a little lee way in case anything goes wrong. A crisis at any time during a building project can put a strain on the relationship with contractors. Good communication again plays a part, as developers and contractors need to inform each other as soon as problems are noticed. Having spare time and money helps when there are unexpected delays, or unplanned extra expenses.

It is possible to build a strong and lasting relationship with contractors. To do so requires the building of mutual trust and understanding. Having realistic expectations and deadlines also assists in establishing a healthy working relationship. Good communication is a central part of any long term relationship as well.

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Making Your Home More Sustainable

As the world becomes more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, sustainable features in houses are becoming a priority. Making your home more sustainable not only increases its value but saves you money in the long term. Reducing energy bills is usually the driving factor behind changes for sustainability and there are a number of things you can do to get your house ready.

When looking to purchase or update a home, these top sustainability tips are important to remember.

  • Size: When adding on or starting over, go small. Smaller is always better so long as you don’t sacrifice usefulness. Smaller rooms and smaller living areas require less maintenance.
  • Embodied energy: This is defined as the total energy consumed by all processes linked to the building in question. With housing, this means knowing what the architects and builders intend to do to keep embodied energy low. Using locally sourced materials is one way to lower this total energy.
  • Landscaping: Most homeowners are aware of the rising costs of landscaping. Sustainable options that require less water and maintenance are now preferred in light of this. Possible options for sustainable landscaping and reduced costs include planting large trees to reduce the use of air conditioning, planting green roofs, and using permeable pavers.
  • Insulation and heating: Checking and improving heating and insulation systems is one of the best ways to make a home sustainable and reduce overall costs. Air seal the house by caulking gaps around doors and windows, re-insulate windows, walls, attics, and basements, and opt for an air source heat pump to minimize energy use and the carbon footprint.
  • Solar panels: Installing solar panels reduces costs and you get a federal tax credit. Solar panels may not be the most attractive addition to a home but they are valuable when it comes to making your home sustainable and energy efficient.
  • Lighting: Rely on natural lighting as much as possible as it is the cheapest option available. When artificial lighting is necessary, use LEDs. Energy-star products are best as they use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than standard products.
  • Plumbing: Flushing toilets, showers, and washing dishes all run water right down the drain. More sustainable plumbing involves low-flow toilets and shower heads, aerators, and front-loading washing machines. An additional incentive is that many utility companies offer rebates when water-saving appliances and practices are used.
  • Air quality: Make choices that reduce or avoid volatile organic compounds in paint, adhesives, and carpeting. Always use natural products when possible to reduce the risk of poor air quality which impacts sustainability over time.
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Where Seniors Really Want to Live

Some senior centers may look inviting with their pools, amenities, coffee bars, and dancing classes, but the majority of seniors want to live at home. 76% of Americans over the age of 50 prefer to live at home during their golden years, and do not want to live in a senior facility.

When seniors do end up moving it is usually not by choice. High real estate taxes, ongoing maintenance costs, and ,living in a neighborhood where they have to depend on a car forces them to move away from home. The real estate market has taken this strong desire to age at home serious and it is now a trend to help seniors update or purchase homes to suit their needs.

The assistance of architects and health care workers who are educated in accessible designs for seniors is also widely available for these projects. Many programs are developed today enlisting the help and resources of these groups to help seniors find a way to age at home. There is also increased availability of services such as food and medication deliveries as well as transportation to appointments.

For most people, planning future living situations doesn’t occur until necessary, such as after a fall or stroke. Experts advise that adults should start planning this long before it is a necessity and it will be a less stressful event. Redesigning a home to make it more easily accessible is not as expensive as one may think, and the sooner you get started on it, the more time you have to pay for the changes.

Design Modifications

There are four main steps advised to redesign a home for senior living.

  • Put essential spaces on the ground floor, including bedroom
  • Create a zero-step entry
  • Improve kitchen and bathrooms for easier use and movement
  • Ensure there is good interior air circulation

In addition to this it is important to change the design to minimize falling. Falls are common among elderly but can be prevented with a simple redesign. Use horizontal rather than vertical storage spaces, remove area rugs, electrical cords, and clutter, and switch out carpeting for hardwood floors. It is also beneficial to paint in lighter colors to help poor eyesight that accompanies old age.

Specialized Home Products

Changes to the design of the home is one step. You also need to invest in several aging-in-place tools to make living at home easier and more comfortable. Some of the best products to consider include:

  • Dementia Day Cycle Clock
  • One Button Dementia Radio
  • Wander Security Alarm
  • Automatic stove shut-off devices
  • Motion sensor lighting


Even with the upgrading of a home and purchase of these products, getting older comes with mental and physical degeneration. As the body declines with age, it will become difficult for a senior to perform daily activities. Rather than move them to a senior living facility, consider getting a helping hand to be at the house. There are a number of resources and programs available today to support seniors living at home so they can live and age where they want.

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Why Expensive Renovations May Not Boost your Sale

Home improvement can boost the value of your home, but it does not always have to be the big expensive projects that bring the most value. It is the more modest improvements that attract the most attention in the real estate market and give your home a bigger value boost. In fact, kitchen and bathroom upgrades are one of the most desired features buyers look for today and the remodeling costs for these are not very high.

In today’s market the top selling properties are fixer-uppers and completely renovated homes. It is important to watch your local market to evaluate what is hot so you can best decide what to do with your home. If the market is flooded with investors who are looking to renovate and flip homes, then upgrades are not necessary to make your home attractive. You can add value to your home by not renovating at all in these market conditions.

A remodel can be expensive but home improvements do add value. You are left evaluating your options and deciding if the costs of renovating will increase the value enough to make a profit when you sell. In cases where the costs may outweigh the benefits, smaller renovations are the answer. Lower costs allow for enough change and improvement to attract buyers.
In a seller’s market small changes like exterior paint and some landscaping increases the curb appeal of a home enough to bring in the buyers. In addition to a small touch-up, using virtual staging can help sell your home without expensive improvements. Virtual staging allows buyers to see what it would look like with upgrades, showing the buyers all the potential sitting in front of them should they buy.

There will be some cases where some type of improvement is required for an undesirable property. In this situation, less is more and a simple improvement project will have a big impact. Fresh paint or adding hardwood floors make a big statement without breaking the bank. Upgrading features through the house such as faucets and handles on cabinets also gets noticed.
The problem with home improvements is that the work you do is not going to be to everyone’s liking. When you only make small improvements, the home becomes more attractive but still allows buyers to see it their way. Many people want to buy a home they can change to their preferences. Providing a home with modest renovations that still has room for improvement saves you money and boosts the value to potential buyers.

Homes only need to be restored to a good state of repair before listing. That is the bottom line. When any updates are needed, find the smallest projects that will have the biggest impact and take those on first. Updated fixtures, and eye-catching accents in rooms are enough to get attention. Many buyers find homes with good structure and in need of a small facelift acceptable. You only need to work according to the market value and renovate just enough.

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The Ultimate Interior Accents

What is interior design? This is simply the art of designing the interior decoration of a room or even a whole building. What does interior design include? Usually, it involves stringent guidelines. If you know more about interior design, you can agree with me that the perceptions of interior design can be quite confusing without the common frame of reference. There will be numerous challenges if a client cannon articulate his or her vision.

We have analyzed the most popular interior accents from different parts of the world. Here are our choices.

This elegant style has been underestimated for very many years. There is no doubt that it is one of the most eye-catching interior designs you will ever come across. Normally, this design has been formed from die-cut of varying sizes. The best way to fix this design is to separate the function without obstructing the flow of light.

Have you ever come across this interior accent? You can attest that it is a statement that makes the circular interior windows separate the reading space from the residing area. Many people prefer installing this beautiful design. What is the main reason behind this? It enables privacy without isolating any part of your room. In addition, it has been gaining a lot of popularity over the years simply because it creates a nice looking point of reference. It is good to keep in mind that the focal point dominates the space while still opening up.

It is a perfect example of style and elegance. It has been dominating the world of interior design for quite some time now. Where can it be used? It will perfectly match as an utterly unique room divider. It normally comprises of stacked and backless box frames. If installed in the right way, it will separate the entrance hall from the dining area. Actually, you can do this without blocking the light or even enclosing the passageways.

You might have seen some installations that allow the contents of each frame to be viewed from both sides.

Do you want an interior design that will create a strong and yet low-cost focal point? There is no doubt that this is a masterful touch interior design that is mostly installed in living and kitchen areas. You can have this interior design installed on the rounded end of the countertop. In that case, you will have echoed the backs of stools. This means that the onlooker will be invited by the continuous circular theme.

Do you have a large space dominated by multiple lines? You can have a circular table to break the grid. This will definitely create a gathering spot for breakfast. You can consider choosing a more adaptable theme that will match the cylindrical room. You can do this only if you really love circular teapot.

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Using Grey In Your Interior Design

Grey is not only the newest color, but also the hottest color in interior design. You might be aware that recently it has taken the front and center. It has overtaken its cousins that mainly comprises of taupe and ivory. Do you know that grey is the perfect dress that you can use for your home? If you really want your home to be timeless and classic, then this is a must-have color in your home.

There is no doubt that grey is a perfect chameleon. It has proved to suit any room, mood or even setting. The good thing about the grey color is that you can stand either in front of it or behind it. You will have a chance to let it shine. What does grey symbolize? Normally, it represents peace and balance. People prefer this beautiful color simply because it is calm and safe. Practically, it is simple and reliable. It is the most classic. Why then have we not seen more of this fabulous color? It is a perfect match of black and white. It is in the middle of black and white.

Over the years, this color has been emerging as the new neutral of the twenty-tens. It is good to know that grey was one time the palest whisper. It has dramatically turned out to be the most beautiful and versatile. It matches with almost everything.

Various grey interior designs can be mixed with the contemporary. A white sofa will comfortably sit on top of the pony hair rug. You can fix it just next to a well-designed postmodern chair. The beautiful grey walls will tie everything together.

This is a mid grey feature that is normally found in the Singaporean condominium. This is the perfect foil for the modern sofa. You should never have any worries about coziness or fussiness. It will add warmth without that clutter.

The deep grey TV feature is very similar to upholstery. It can be mistaken with living space with a clear look of clubby luxury. You will be able to inject a shot with the long statement curtains and necked lamp.

How can this interior design get laid? It is very simple. You can use it in a richly textured and neutral living space. In addition, you can use it with a light sofa and attractive floor rug. Some interior designs experts prefer framing this style with charcoal grey drapes. As a homeowner, you can save it from gloom by simply billowing white net curtains.

Tinged white saves this space from feeling cold. The craft stone is faintest and grey. The floor tiles are patterned grey and they are a clear suggestion of grey. The resulting space is warm and inviting.

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Saving Money Greenly At Your Home

It does not matter whether your budget is small or big. Financial experts have proved that home renovation cost cannot be controlled at times. If you have gone through the low cost kitchen for some time you can agree with me. We have come up with several relevant tips that will arguably help you save on renovation. You will save a lot at the end of your living expenses when you consider following the tips below.

There is no doubt that water is one of the most essential resources in the world. This makes it expensive. You will be using several kilowatts when heating water. How can you save energy in that case? The only reliable way in such situations is to reduce your soaking time. It is good to turn off the water whenever you are shaving your hair.
You will not only have saved several gallons of water, but also energy. What should you consider when renovating your bathrooms? Although the low-flow shower is unreliable at times more so when you are in a hurry to take a shower, consider installing them.

Have you ever heard about vampire power? It is commonly referred to as standby power. Do you know that when your electricity bills are quite high vampire power may be the culprit? Some people call it vampire energy or leaking energy. What does the term mean? It is a situation where many gadgets are plugged in.

The switch can either be on or off. What do you think your cell phone does when it is installed into the wall the whole day? Do you often find it warm after you get home from work? In case of that, it has been using electricity during the day even if it was not charging. The best way to kill the vampire power is by switching off at the plug or disconnecting the plug. With that in mind, you should make sure that your plugs are installed in a reasonable location where they can be accessed with great ease.

Do you think that home cooking is better than eating out? It is satisfying on so very levels. Nowadays, you have the full freedom to control what you eat. You might have been showered with compliments in the past. This happens more so when the dish is delicious. In most cases, your friends will be forced to applaud you for a job well done.

When you consider cooking for yourself, you will have saved a lot of money which you would have used if you were eating out. That being said, this is the right time to renovate your kitchen with admirable interior design. You will always feel comfortable when cooking your favorite meal. Your friends will not only admire your food but also your kitchen too.

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Dairy Farm Residences Located Near to hillV2 Centre and Hillion Mall

Dairy farm residences is one of the new projects that have been established in Hillview and Dairy farm by UED Residential. This development occupies a plot of land that is rich in facilities starting from four hundred and fifty residential units, childcare centers, food court, and supermarket. You can easily access this condo through Bukit Timah Expressway and Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Amenities Located near to Dairy Farm Residences

Dairy Farm Residences UED has not only complete facilities but they’re also very unique right from a function room, guard house, swimming pool, BBQ pits, clubhouse, gym, tennis court as well as a fully functioning children’s playground. The amenities in this condo provides you and your loved ones maximum entertainment moments. Are you thinking of where to buy cooking ingredients like tomatoes, pepper, onions, and vegetables? Well, this condo has got you covered with the presence of grocery stores where you can purchase all you want to prepare that special meal. Additionally, you don’t need to go far to look for basic necessities since Dairy Farm Residences Petir Road fulfills a highly sought condition after mix development close to the Hillview MRT station.

Nearby facilities at Dairy Farm Residences such as hillV2 Centre and Hillion Mall

The condo is located in a very strategic point surrounded by a lot of shopping centers like the hillV2 center, Rail and Hillion malls as well as Bukit Panjang Plaza. There’s a nature reserve close to this development where you and your family can enjoy lots of outdoor activities. Do you want to take a bus? There’re available buses along the Dairy Farm Road and Hillview Avenue. That’s not all, your kids will not be deprived of their education, in fact, they will get the best education from prestigious schools that are a few meters from the condo. Such education institutions include the German European School Singapore, Bukit Panjang Primary School and Our Lady Queen of Peace. For those who love biking, you can enjoy doing so as you stay in Hillview since there’re many tree trails along the Hillview road.

Dairy Farm Residences Access to Shopping Centres and Necessities

The idea that developers of this integrated project had in mind is the creation of a living space keeping in mind its residents, promote their comfort as well as easy accessibility to basic necessities. This building consisting of both residential and commercial properties is an indication of an inspired new approach to live and work in the city.

Available plans
You can find commercial spaces on the first few floors where you can get offices and malls and on top floors there’re housing units. At Dairy Farm Residences Petir Road you get all you need under one roof.

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Parc Clematis Clementi Condo

Parc Clematis residents are among the lucky people living in Singapore. The development is at the center of countless amenities which have played a big role in transforming the livelihood of the residents.

Some of the amenities located next to Parc Clematis are:

There are a wide number of shopping centers located in Clementi town and its environs. Thus, there is a convenience in shopping among the residents of Parc clematis. Availability of shops around the development has helped the owners to shop their needs any time they feel hassle free.The complex shopping malls located in the proximity of Parc Clematis homes various tenants like supermarkets, cold storages, restaurants, fashion centers, groceries among others. Some of the most popular complex shopping arcades include Clement Mall, Grantral Mall, 321 Clementi and many more.

Parc Clematis Clementi Condo

Living in Parc Clematis Clementi means you are located just a few meters away from West Coast Park. The park has plenty of outdoor activities where residents can spend much quality moment sharing ideas and making fun with their loved ones. The transportation options in Clementi town are many. The residence can be accessed via various options such as Clementi MRT Station, buses plying on Clementi Avenue six (6) and Common wealth Avenue West as well as Ayer Raja Expressway(AYE).

If you are not among the people owning unit(s) at Parc Clematis then you should think again. The area is ideal for investing in. get a unit there and you will thank me later. One North Business Park was planned and developed by JTC a famous and highly reputed Government – owned real estate company. It’s world-class research as well as business park offering a vibrant platform for top-notch research, innovation & test bedding. It’s Singapore’s icon of knowledge. The park is wonderful and has been developed with the latest technology.

Parc Clematis Located Near to One North Business Park

The park which has been developed in an expansive land estimated to be 200-hectare, it’s home to key economic growth sectors across Singapore among them being biomedical sciences, startups, Information Communication Technology, and have got full support by engineering and science capabilities. It’s a backbone to various sectors playing a vital role in boosting economic growth. The park offers a unique environment to work, live, play and learn. One North Business Park has fully enhanced integration of industrial developments, residential communities, and varying lifestyle options. Also, it’s home to highly rated education centers which offers a vibrant, amazing and satisfying environment for innovative individuals to come together, collaborate as well as create life-changing solutions.

Parc Clematis SingHaiYi Group

One North Business Park has brought together a diversity of ecosystem of knowledge – intensive in a vibrant, beautiful, and amazing environment where everyone can’t resist staying. JTC is committed to enhancing more collaborations as well as partnerships across and within the industry clusters to make the park a better place for innovators, researchers among other professionals not only in Singapore but around the world.

To ensure they have smartly achieved this, industry of the same clusters, their activities are co – located together to enhance convenience and efficiency in services delivery. At the same time, public spaces are highly integrated into the modern and estate’s urban design which make them a lovely and nice place to be. All the public spaces available at One North Business Park are not lying there idle. JTC has always ensured have curated awesome and comprehensive suites of community building initiatives among them organizing regular social events such as wonderful monthly Fantastic Friday at one north, Bi monthly lunch and learn hosted at one north, weekly healthy workplace ecosystem activities as well as large scale annual events.

Some of the annual mega events include one north run, one north festival, as well as Car free Sunday Singapore at one north. These events are vital and play a trans formative role in the lives of the Singapore people. In short words, one north business park is an amazing and nice place to work live and enjoy wonderful events which take place there. It’s center for innovation, research among others.

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Haus on Handy Locate in Orchard Plaza Singapura

Haus-on Handy is one of the latest developments that’s found right in Dhoby Ghaut. The condominium which is developed by City Developments Limited is found in Handy Road and located at Mount Sophia, one of the most sought-after places in Singapore.

For starters, this residential development Haus on Handy Orchard is furnished with a wide range of unique facilities to cater to diverse user needs. Residents of Haus of Handy, both adults and kids, are guaranteed access to a large swimming pool which measures 50 meters and a sun deck. Relaxing outdoors is even more fun because there a children’s playground & a well-kept tennis court. There are also BBQ pits, an exclusive clubhouse, a large function room, and a guardhouse for security purposes. For fitness lovers, Haus-on Handy has an indoor gym which is fitted with the latest workout equipment.

Haus on Handy Located at Orchard Plaza Singapura

Apart from its stunning and latest interior facilities, there’s no doubt that what attracts people to this condominium is its strategic location next to public amenities. Haus-on Handy is located close to a variety of retail outlets which include Concorde Shopping Mall, The Atrium at Orchard, and the Plaza Singapura. Additionally, Fort Canning Park is just a few minutes from this development and it offers a venue for families to bond and engage in various outdoor activities.

Haus on Handy Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station

Residents of Haus on Handy will have no trouble of accessing other parts of Singapore. The development is accessible via the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station which serves as the main interchange of multiple MRT lines. There are also buses along the Penang Road and Orchard Road. Traveling to the city is even easier and convenient thanks to the availability of the Central Expressway which just a few minutes from Haus of Handy. Note that Orchard Road is a popular and touristy site that features upscale hotels and shops.

Haus on Handy Near to Schools

If you have school-going children, there’s no need to worry since this condo is found near well-established renowned schools. Some of the elite schools which are found nearby include River Valley Primary, SOTA, Tanglin School, ISS International, Chatsworth-International school among others.

Haus-on Handy is the perfect place for both young and established families. The housing units have different number of rooms to cater to both large and small families. It’s suitable for professionals as well as businessmen who are looking for a residential place that’s furnished with the latest amenities and is in close proximity to the workplace. It’s a condominium that makes the busy city lifestyle convenient, safe, fun, and serene.

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