Amenities Near to The Antares Mattar Road

The Antares is a modern residential freehold developed few meters from Mattar Road. This development was jointly ventured by three different contractors. It’s strategically sitting in a prime land at the city center next to various amenities thus giving residents a unique and elite lifestyle in a convenient place. The Antares is wonderfully developed equipped with outstanding facilities which give the resident’s mind blowing entertainment experience. Facilities such as club house, guard house, fitness center, swimming pool, children playfield just naming a few, are among the wonderful facilities installed in the premises.


Shopping Centers Established Next To The Antares


The Antares Mattar Road development is among the projects which are lucky to be established near iconic shopping centers. It’s a the center of wildly developed shopping malls whereby residents experience a world-class shopping experience. Among the shopping Malls located around it include the famous Paya Lebar Quarter, The Poiz Center as well as The City Plaza among many others. The area where The Antares is found is extremely connected making it the most convenient place to access. Residents use bus and Taxi services to move around. These buses ply through Aljunied, Macpherson and Paya Lebar Roads making the place easy to access.

Travelling to the city is easy from The Antares Mattar Road. The region is linked to CBD by Island Express Way which is a vital transportation medium in Singapore. You can also reach The Antares through the Mattar MRT Station found on the Downtown Line.


Schools Located Near The Antares


Learning facilities is among the consideration when settled for a private living place. Availability of education centers near to The Antares Mattar Road gives the children a golden opportunity to get education meters away from their home. With schools located near, children are able to get more time to spend in their every day academic activities since they won’t spend more time travelling to school and from school Availability of many elite schools makes it possible for parents to have a choice on which schools their children should attend. The ideal and strategic location of The Antares next To Bidadari Park gives residents an opportunity to live a more healthy life. The park offers many outdoor activities to families and friends where they can meet and have fun together.

Parks Near to The Antares Mattar Road


Dancing, Jogging, cycling, walking just name a few are the activities the residents can involve themselves in the park. The Antares FSKH Development has many reasons why you should relocate there. It’s the high time you made a bold step and get a unit there. You’re going to have a wonderful and serene lifestyle around amenities which will make your life much better.

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Jadescape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station Near to Schools

Jadescape formerly known as Shunfu Ville is a real estate situated in Bishan Thompson area in District 20, Singapore. This real estate was formerly owned by the government of Singapore under the Housing and Urban Development Company, but later the estate was put to tender which saw a private condominium known as Qingjium Realty winning the bid. Currently the estate is managed by this private investor.

Jadescape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station

This Jadescape estate was designed and developed by Qingjian Realty Marymount Pte company which owe the most popular architectural potential in the country. Regardless of how long the Jadescape estate has lived, it still ranked the third largest enbloc in Singapore that houses more than one thousand units.

Why reside in Jadescape real estate? Jadescape estate is located in the most wealthiest and busy city. Its near to the Junction 8 shopping centre that is just next to Bishan MTR interchange. The shopping mall in Junction eight is an iconic heartland of the Singapore that gives residents of Jadescape Marymount estate a wide variety of retail and entertainment outlets. This makes people of Bishan Thompson wish to reside in this estate so as to enjoy the goodness of this popular junction.

Jadescape Condo Near to Schools

Another reason why Jadescape real estate is gaining tremendously in Bishan is the existence of the best education institutions. As a matter of fact Bishan has been named the best educated district with the most prestigious Raffles Institution. Raffle institution is one of the most prestigious school in Singapore. This institutions is just located a walking distance from Jadescape enbloc. Because the school offers direct programme to GCE “A” levels, many scholars from across the country join the institution in order to get education. As a result of this, the students prefer residing near the institution hence Jadescape estate becomes an ideal place to live.

Jadescape Facilities and Location Near to Shunfu Market and Food Centre

Jadescape estate represent a modern facilities and services to its tenants. The Qingjian Realty developers adapted a peaceful, serene panorama and a surroundings that are noise free. For example the estate has a fifty metres skyline pool where residents refresh themselves.

Jadescape estate offers an investment zone. The estate is strategically positioned at a place convenient for investors. Investors prefer this estate because of the Marymount MRT Station for loading and offloading of their trading goods. Also Jadescape is located next to Shunfu Market Food Centre where residents of this estate can find different delicacies available at the food centre. In this centre, there many stalls to find your favorite meal.

Truly its ideal for one to choose Jadescape real estates, when finding a residing place in Bishan because it gives much needed solutions to modern day dilemma.

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Amenities and Facilities Near to Muse at Newton

When buying a house, we always have in mind something that will serve all our needs. We go in search of something that hosts everything. We want to have a swimming pool for those hot afternoons, a gym, we want to be surrounded by a school, malls, banks etc. But truth is; we don’t always find what we want, unless we’re talking of a state-of-the-art development like the Muse @ Newton. The Muse @ Newton is a city in a city. It is located at 29 Newton Rd, near Newton M.R.T station.

Amenities And Facilities of Muse at Newton Condo

The Muse @ Newton Condo has a guard house, function room and an indoor gym, as well as a tennis court, clubhouse and swimming pool. More facilities you will enjoy here include a BBQ pit, the sun deck, and a children playground. The condo is suited for everyone; from a single person who wants to live alone, roommates and families. Considering it is located away from the city, it provides a serene and wonderful environment.

For travels out of our small city to the bigger city, there are buses available at the Newton road. For date night and other night events, there are many beautiful restaurants. Novena Square Medical-Centre is also available for provision of medical services. There are also nice eating spots at the Newton & Food Centre.

During your free time, you can visit the mall and have a wonderful shopping experience. It is huge and favors people of all ages. The mall is installed with carpeted playgrounds, study room and book exchange, nursing rooms and F &B outlets like deliverance.

The main shopping mall is located in the Novena Area near the Muse @ Newton. This is basically a lifestyle and sports mall.

Other Facilities Nearby for Muse @ Newton Freehold Development

Orchard Road- The Orchard Road is a 2.2 km road located near this development. It is also one of the entertainment hubs, with a range of malls, department store, plazas, boutiques luxury hotels, casual hubs, exotic restaurants, etc. It harbors Singapore’s fashion and design enthusiasts, and is full of iconic shopping centers and plazas.
For art lovers, this area presents the best art galleries. Its name originated from the fact that it lead in fruit orchards in the 19th century. It is from then that it all started with small coffee places being set up. The Orchard Road keeps developing because of its special development authority. This convenience area is only a 5 minute drive from the Muse @ Newton.

Schools And Hospitals Near to Muse @ Newton Condo

A couple of schools lie around the Muse @ Newton and their performance is good. Some of these schools are like Angola-Chinese School, the Saint Joseph Institution-Junior as well as the Singapore Chinese Girls-School.

And has already been mentioned, we have the Novena Square Medical-Centre that boasts qualified and licensed doctors to provide the necessary medical services.

About Amara Holdings

Amara Holdings owns a couple of residential and commercial facilities in Singapore. It mainly deals with the development of hotels and restaurants helping them offer exceptional and personalized services. And it is this wealth of experience that they have sought to translate to the Muse @ Newton

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Facilities at Boulevard 88 CDL Orchard Road

Boulevard 88 is a development right in the middle of the Orchard district by City Development Limited (CDL). This site sits on the royal area of Orchard which is surrounded by each basic amenities as well as shopping complexes. Boulevard 88 offers its investors class and prestige which are offered only to Elites. It offers distinctive asset features.

Unique Facilities at Boulevard 88

Boulevard 88 has superior and unique and distinctive facilities like guard house, clubhouse, indoor gym, 50 m swimming pool, BBQ pits and children playground, sun deck, function room etc. It allows you to indulge in a quiet and tranquil lifestyle. It is strategically located in the middle of so many shopping centers. Boulevard 88 condo is located near Singapore Botanic garden. Here so many outdoor families are there for residential families to spend some quality time with.

Boulevard 88 Shopping Malls Orchard

Boulevard 88 is situated near the shopping complexes like Tanglin Shopping complex and The Shopping Mall that are no more than 200 m away. There are some more shopping centers like Delfi Orchard. Far East Shopping Centre is a great and useful shopping center too. Boulevard 88 is developed by Granmil holdings private limited and include both residential as well as hotel component. It consists of 208 hotel rooms. There are 2 blocks of 28 story apartment that include 154 residential units.

Boulevard 88 City Development Limited Developer

City Development Ltd is the leading name in the real estate when it comes to genuinely build estates and prestigious quality os residents. In Singapore, CDL is Household name. Boulevard 88 is developing year by year in its class and worth. CDL offer properties for sale or lease in many attractive developments in Singapore. Some of the world-class attractions include New Futura, Cliveden, Coco palms and Twin towers.

Roads and Connectivity: Boulevard 88 is the world-class location with awesome infrastructure as well as mind-blowing connectivity through all parts of Singapore by road and MRT. Orchard MRT Station will be accessible along with Orchard Boulevard MRT station which is located on the Thomson-East coastline. There are plenty of buses available along Orchard Boulevard and Tanglin road. Boulevard 88 is located near the Central Expressway.

Prices of Properties: The development is in boosted up in prestigious orchard area. Thus demand as well as prices are consistent with the nowadays trend. Prices are absolutely justified in the view of the development and quality of an area of the Boulevard 88. Hence, a peaceful, prestigious and unique lifestyle is waiting for you at Boulevard 88 right in the heart of orchard. Aircon and wardrobes are already provided si buyers just need to buy their ideal furniture sets only.

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Low Keng Huat Real Estate Developer Perumal Road

Low Keng Huat Limited is a publically trading company that specializes in investment holdings through construction and engineering ventures. The company is based in Singapore and is listed on Singapore stock exchange. Low Keng Huat Limited’s exploits are pursued trough four main departments: constructions, property development, hotels and investment.. The company has been successful over the years and has acquired property all over the globe. Property owned or managed by the Low Keng Huat limited company includes: Perth (Australia)-based deluxe hotels, Duxton Hotel based in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Carnivore chain of restaurants in Singapore and more. Low Keng Huat is the developer for the real estate project in Perumal Road near to Farrer Park MRT Station.

Low Keng Huat Real Estate Developer Perumal Road

The company has a lucrative investment portfolio that includes properties scattered throughout Asia including; china, Malaysia, china and Vietnam. Subsidiaries of the Low Keng Huat limited company include Kwan Hwee Investment limited (Pte.), Duxton hotel limited (Pte.) and Prodev limited (Pte.) Low Keng Huat limited was founded and is now managed by Tan Sri Dato’ Low keng Huat; now aged 83. Despite having his education interrupted by the Second World War, Tan Sri Dato’s Low was able to achieve success. Tan Sri Dato’ Lows is the founder of both General Corporation Berhad and Low keng Huat limited companies. Tan Sri Dato’ has since succeeded in turning his companies to now public-listed entities:

Low Keng Huat Listed Malaysia

General Corporation Berhad is listed on Bursa Malaysia stock exchange and Low Keng Huat limited which is listed on the Singapore stock exchange. Tan Sri Dato’ Low is the current chairman of Low keng Huat limited and also the Executive Deputy Chairman of the General Corporation of Berhad. Tan sri Dato founded this construction business with the help of his brothers; hence the name Low Keng Huat Construction in the year 1957. The company started from humble beginning to become the giant we know today: taking projects like renovations, building extension, building alterations and minor projects to building and owning some of the hottest properties in Asia.

Revenue Reported by Low Keng Huat in 2018

A revenue worth $75.354M was reported for the first quarter ending April, 30th 2018. This is an exponential increases as compared to last year’s figures which was $16.949M. The company has earned a handsome profit of $6.542M. It was declared that there was a reduction in operation costs from $169.503M (last year) to $7.249M (this year). Money used in the acquisition of property and equipment was $3. 657M this year compared to last year’s 167.503M. Share value was stagnant at ninety cents.

Major project in recent times

1. Acquisition of the Cairhil mansion; Low Keng Huat announced this acquisition on 14th February, 2018 at the value of $362M

2. The award of land at Perumal Road: the awarding was by the Urban Redevelopment Authority on 18th January 2017 for residential houses

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Roxy Pacific Holdings Residential and Commercial Developments

Roxy-Pacific Holdings-Limited is a group that specializes in property and hospitality which is focused in the Asia-Pacific. The group mostly works in development as well as the trade of properties like Real Estate. The group has already been in the business for quite a while now and they have made their name ever since 1967 and even listed on the S.G.X Mainboard on the 12th of March 2008.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Real Estate Company

This group currently operates business in three different fields namely in hotel ownership, where they manage and own hotels and similar establishments. They also operate in property investment wherein the company invests in properties which can earn them space for rentals and for value appreciation as time passes. Another sector where they operate in is in property development where they purchase properties and develop them for Real Estate such as small apartments to condominiums. In the nature of their work, they uphold the values of Integrity, to be Innovative and Creative, Teamwork, Financial Prudence, and Harmony, being people-oriented and focusing on the communities. Roxy Pacific Holdings is Singapore’s tier one property developer.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Freehold Condo

The group has in its name over 52 small shops at The Roxy-Square Shopping Centre based in Singapore. They also own a 28-story freehold commercial building at 59 Goulburn St, Sydney, Australia, and a 50% interest in a 14-story, freehold, commercial-building that’s strategically located in the central business district (CBD) area. The group also owns the NZI Centre in Auckland together with an office building at 50% interest at 205 Queen St, marking their maiden-foray in New Zealand.

Roxy Pacific Holdings Residential and Commercial Developments

Within a span of 13 years, the group has developed over 44 small-to- medium sized establishments intended for residential and commercial use all over Malaysia, Australia and Singapore. A major asset of the group would be the flagship hotel Grand-Mercure Singapore Roxy located at the heart of Katong by the East Coast, self-managed under the franchise agreed upon with the Accor Group. The group has also opened an upscale boutique-hotel under Noku-Roxy brand name. This is based in Kyoto – Japan, followed after by Osaka, Japan. They have also acquired another resort in Maldives and purchased parcels of land to develop into hotels in Phuket, Thailand.

Corporate Social Responsibility
As a huge company that specializes in development among communities and upholds strong people-oriented values, the group’s CSR has also gone through great lengths in giving back to the people. So far, the group has conducted outreach programs to the children. They also reach out to the elderly by hosting Dinner banquets for Chinese New Year and showing appreciation to them by organizing shopping trips in the Season of Hari Raya. They have also supported local events like Ground-Zero Run for Humanity on the 13th of August, 2017 which was organised by Mercy Relief wherein they upheld strong values and tackled issues that are observed in celebration of the World Humanitarian-Day.

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RV Millenia Great World City Shopping Centre by Roxy Homes

You are looking for a great residential place with convenient location then look no further than RV Millenia. This is one of the most sought out properties in Singapore since its located along River Valley road which is close to the CBD giving you a convenient access around the city.You can easily go about your daily activities, do your shopping and access all the important amenities in Singapore. RV Millenia Condo is located near to Orchard City Centre as well as the central business district.

RV Millenia Great World City Shopping Centre

If you have a family then it even much easier as you don’t have to worry about where your children will study, where they will get treatment as many other family needs. This place attracts many families as it is surrounded by many top performing schools. Whether you need a pre-school, primary or high schools, this place provides all. Other family requirements such as hospitals, shopping malls and many more are available at your convenience with a wonderful infrastructure.

RV Millenia Orchard Shopping Centre and Centre Business District

RV Millenia is not a boring place either as fun lovers also gets more than they require when they reside in this posh condo. There are many fun activities at this place together with a great view of the city from 218 meters above the ground. Whether you are looking to spend some good time with friends or family, RV Millenia Condo will not disappoint since its surrounded with many shopping malls, restaurants, bars, art galleries, bistros and many more. With many shopping malls, your family can enjoy a good shopping experience and have fun time while grabbing a bite of delicious fast foods prepared in restaurants in and around the shopping malls. You can tour the art center or visit the libraries to grab your favorite book. RV Millenia Central Business District is closed to Orchard Shopping Centre and is by the developer Roxy Pacific Holdings.

RV Millenia Roxy Homes Great World City MRT Station Singapore

Furthermore you don’t need to go out everyday to enjoy fun time as the condo comes with special amenities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. The swimming pool, function room, indoor gym, clubhouse, tennis court, children play ground and the guard house brings a lot of fun right at your doorstep. RV Millenia is a freehold development located near to Great World City MRT Station.

Transportation to the city is even easier since RV Millenia is located near the Great World City MRT Station. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a car or running low on fuel since this station which is just located about one kilometer from the condo will ensure you enjoy your ride to anyplace you wish to go around Singapore.

Roxy Pacific Holdings is a reputable facility developer who have developed many beautiful properties and overseen many projects in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia. The company is well known for its creativity, innovation and productivity in all its residential properties ensuring they bring the best amenities for their clients. It targets both the medium and upper class income sectors with their apartments and condominiums. The main goal of Roxy Pacific Holdings Limited is to meet the needs of their customers and they have fulfilled this goal countless times with satisfactory properties. So the fact that RV Millenia is developed by Roxy Pacific is more than enough reason you can consider this place as the best residence for you and your family.

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Serangoon North Avenue 1 Singapore The Garden Residences

Singapore is one of the few countries around the world with a robust real estate industry. As a result, there are many notable real estate projects that are coming up in different parts of the country. One of those projects is the projected construction of the garden residences at 15 Serangoon North Avenue by Keppel Land & Wing Tai holdings. The land where the development will sit was bought off government reserve list after the developer submitted the top bid for the land at $446.28 million. There are many reasons why the Garden Residences will be the new landmark at 15 Serangoon North Avenue in Singapore. Below, we have looked at some of those reasons.

The Garden Residences Serangoon North Avenue 1 Singapore

One of the reasons why the garden residences condo is considered as a prime real estate project is because it is located right at the heart of a private residence enclave. This residence will not only be close to upcoming Bidadari estate but also, neighbours to top shopping centers such as the NEX shopping mall. Also, you will find schools such as the prestigious Rosyth School. The Garden residences Singapore are also accessible as it lies along the north avenue. This makes it a prime residential spot both for the residents and their visitors.

The Garden Residences Keppel Land and Wing Tai Holdings

The garden residences at Serangoon are also close to many eateries. Just like Bishan, Ang Mo Kio, and other Tows that are located on the north eastern part of Singapore, Serangoon is reputable with good delicacies and tasty food. In addition, there are many recreation spots near the Garden Residences Keppel Land and Wingtai Holdings that include the Serangoon Gardens country club as well as Serangoon gardens. It is for these reasons that other similar projects such as the Forest Woods in Serangoon central are highly sought after by buyers.

The upcoming Garden residences are packed with a full set of amenities and facilities that make living at the residence a great experience. The residence will feature a guard house, function room, club house, indoor gym, children playground, swimming pool, tennis court, sun deck and a BBQ pit. All these facilities will be available for all the residences. In addition, the project features different floor plans and ideas that have 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments spread across the floors of the building. The amenities installed in those units will target different family sizes as well as their varying lifestyles. Also, the plan for the construction of the Garden Residences Condo at Serangoon has not left out those with an active life. Such people will have an easy access to both the parking lot as well as a recreation center and this will enable them to unwind from the hustles and bustles the day.

The Garden Residences Condo Serangoon North Singapore

Transportation into and out of The Garden Residences Wing Tai Holdings is available in a wide range of options. To begin with, you will find that most residences have private cars that ferry them around the city. On the other hand, there are several public transport options that are available in the city. You will find taxis around shopping centers most of which are available on call. In addition, the residence is located near a busy bus intersection. And if you need to travel to other regions of Singapore, you can easily access an MRT intersection right at the heart of Serangoon.

The Garden Residences at Serangoon is a fast developing real estate project aimed at prime home buyers looking for a serene, modern, and comfortable living space. No matter your needs and family size, there is something for you at the Garden Residences.

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Nature Inspired Theme at Twin Vew Condo West Coast Vale

Twin Vew is simply a leasehold development that is 99 years old and is situated close to the Jurong Lake District. A total of nine bidders were competing for this development which was at last won by the Construction Development from China after biding with 292 US dollars. The development’s strategic location & the total number of bids too clearly indicate the development’s optimism. This is due to its closeness to the Jurong District and other areas of Singapore too. Twin Vew West Coast Vale is situated in a lone residential area in the District 05 & it is simply a few minutes from Jurong East.

The nature-inspired theme at the Twin Vew Condo

Twin Vew condo has a theme which is nature-inspired which helps in bringing out a quiet & serene feeling in the private residential area at the West Coast Vale. There are several water & greenery features which are situated in this development in order to bring out a cool sense of quietness & serenity for the residents in this development. A lot of greenery features are incorporated for a full landscaping of this project. A completely wonderful & unique lifestyle is awaiting you at the Twin Vew Nature Inspired Theme. The floor plans in this development have been designed for the various family sizes and various investor appetites as well.

Shopping areas situated close to the Twin Vew Condo

The Westgate Shopping center

This is an iconic shopping area situated close to the MRT station in Jurong East. This is a unique shopping center due to the fact that it has an unparalleled convenience for those shoppers who take public transport. The shopping center is connected directly to the Bus Interchange as well as the MRT station in the Jurong East.

This mall is essentially family oriented since there exists several playing grounds situated at Level four of the mall where is not charged anything to enter. There is similarly a kids club that is managed by the Genius R which is the ideal area for kids to come together and enjoy. Twin Vew West Coast Vale Condo is located near to many shopping centres.

JCube shopping center

This is a popular shopping center especially for the youth near to Twin Vew China Construction. The mall incorporates an Olympic sized ice rink since it is among the pioneer shopping mall having an IMAX theater in the area. The mall’s developer is known as Capitaland. The mall similarly features a J.Avenue that is a retail idea targeting the youths. This is situated at the mall’s second floor.

Since the mall is situated just away from the MRT Station in the Jurong East a bridge is available that links the Westgate to the IMM. The mall has several children-friendly facilities such as the nursing rooms. JCube remains a trendy shopping mall that is situated at Jurong’s heart.

Why the Twin Vew Condo is the best

This is a question that always lingers an investor’s mind. Adding to the obvious reasons, below are some reasons which make the Twin Vew Condo worth investing in and ending up gaining lots of profits:

• The development is close to clubs & community centers
• One can get the transportation services with much less effort
• The development is close to several shopping centers
• The development is located in a lone residential area
• The development is close to several learning institutions
• The development incorporates classic health facilities for the residents

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